About us

  • Developing Conscious Games that put Gameplay First
    • We are interested in projects that have social or cultural relevance but believe that these games can still be forms of engaging entertainment.
  • Previous experience together on BAFTA and Nordic Game Awards nominated games
    • We’ve worked together closely before and contributed deeply to quality game experiences. 
  • Years of experience in the industry but new in this constellation
    • The founders each bring valued expertise to the core team and know how to work with publishers and stakeholders to bring ideas to life.


  • Take the role of Crisis Camp Manager, build and manage a refugee camp
  • Satisfy refugee needs by balancing staff hiring, building placement, and hands-on work
  • Develop empathy through crisis solving and narrative challenges

Use buildings to satisfy needs like hunger, sleep, and hygiene.

Placing buildings is easy with a mini-game for players to hurry construction. 

Building placement is a key strategy to successfully balancing foot traffic.

Visitors queue when buildings are in use.

Assign more staff or build more buildings to reduce queue time.

Visitors in longer queues experience frustration and mood shift.

Individuals’ stories are told through dialogues, missions, and short sequences.

Large scale narrative events increase refugee populations, bringing new stories with them into the camp.

In this example the player uses a Community Board they built to unite a girl with her mother.